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This year we vowed to jump back in the game of interviewing some of our favorite girls of smut.  It’s been a while since we’ve done this but we feel the need to get back to our roots. There are just waaaay to many fine young slutty specimens out there in need of some extra loving XXXposure. That being said, you can expect more of this from here on out.

Tits and Ass for Days! The 'Creep Queen' is one of our favorite little nymphs right now with an unfulfilling appetite for sexual perversion. 

Ms. Kaira, how's your New Year treating you?

Beautifully! By far the best beginning I've had in a very long time! Didn't you know this is the year of the Creep & the Creepling fam?!

What are you happy to leave behind in 2016? And what would you like more of in 2017?

I am so happy to leave behind so much negativity in my life. The mark of this new year is truly a new chapter in my life and all I can hope for 2017 is mental wellness, a lot of crazy adventures, tons of sex, all of the dildos in all of the land and an ever growing Creepling family!

Is it safe to say that you're a bit of an exhibitionist?

To say "a bit" is quite the understatement! I live for nudity! It is my most natural form! Just the thought of being nude in public soaks my thighs.

When did you find yourself really getting in tune with your sexual side?

HA! I came out of the womb twerking my precious kitty around. I found a 'back massager' at someone's house when I was around 7yrs old (or younger) and that thing never moved off my clit! It was then I knew it was my destiny to spend my life pleasuring myself. I developed early in life too, and let me tell you, it was GAME ON!

Let's talk about the CreepQueen dot com. When did it launch and what can fans get from your offerings.

I launched my website in June/July! I'm so excited to say that fans can purchase official CREEPLING merch, photo sets, custom services, skype shows, sexting, my very wild premium account, squirt juice, dirty panties, dirty socks, pussy pops, dick rates, holiday bundles and so much more! There is something on my site for every one to enjoy! No matter who they are or what they're into!

How can fans see some of your vids?

All of my videos are posted to ManyVids!! As for now, that is the only place my pre-recorded videos can be found!

Any plans on shooting B/G? Or G/G scenes?

YES! YES! YES! I'm not sure on the details yet, but this year I will introduce new people (boys and girls) into my content! I AM SO EXCITED!!

A Sexual experience that you still need to cross of the bucket list?

Ah, yes! My most precious fantasy! Picture this: covered in an insane amount of blood, playing with knives, being completely taken advantage of and choked by none other than someone in a horror themed mask. *whew, is it getting hot in here?!*

What's your favorite new toy? I think I have a good idea.
A FAVORITE?! This is blasphemy. That's like asking who's your favorite pet or child! I'll name 3!

My "yellow rubber-fucky", AKA my squirt master. My magic wand. Honestly, I could spend a week locked away with this only. No food, no drink, no social interaction, just my Mr. Magic and me. My new finger butt plug. No explanation necessary for that one! 

What's your favorite sexually disturbing horror flick that turns you on?

Sexually disturbing, aye? Is anything TRULY sexually disturbing? Not for this Creep!

I have to say "Hellraiser" is my biggest turn on! That shit drives me WILD! "Teeth" is also a good contender! What girl in the world hasn't fantasized about being able to rip someone's dick off during sex!?


You can also keep up with her on INSTAGRAM: @CREEPXQUEENOFFICIAL